Essence of the Caribbean


The Bahamas is made up of a jewelled chain of 700 islands, stretching from 50 miles off the south east coast of Florida down to the north of Cuba. Nassau, located on the island of New Providence, is the hub of activity with its impressive duty-free shopping, local art galleries, quaint architecture and local story-telling personalities.

In complete contrast, the Out Islands, or ‘Family Islands’, offer rustic escapism and chilled lifestyle. Each island has its own unique character, with so much to offer for watersports, nature and history enthusiasts.

Our featured islands include The Abacos, a crescent of 120 islands and cays, with well-preserved national parks and a reputation for sailing and boating; Eleuthera, pencil-thin, with miles of pink and white sand beaches, rolling acres of pineapple plantations and quaint fishing and colonial villages; Harbour Island, the ‘Nantucket’ of the Caribbean, is rich with historical landmarks and natural attractions.

Bahamas Holidays

Bahamas holidays are an escape to unspoilt islands, uncrowded quaint villages and a very chilled island life. Island-hopping is a great way to have a full experience. Explore Nassau, Bahamas’ capital and hub of activity, with walking tours of historic passageways, architectural treasures, art galleries and street murals. Then, on to the ‘Family Islands’ to unwind and move at your own pace.

Whilst all the Bahamas Out Islands are a wonderland for water lovers with spectacular diving, superb fishing and stellar sailing, each island still offers a unique and authentic experience for a Bahamas holiday. Take in the nature trails and birdlife in the national parks of Abacos, explore the caves of Eleuthera; learn more about the islands’ Loyalists history on Harbour Island. It’s fascinating … a wonderland of treasures in the Bahamas.

Enjoy The Bahamas



Combine two or more islands to get a real Taste of the Bahamas. Read more ..



Spot indigenous birdlife from topside hiking trails and amid lush mangrove forests.



Immerse yourself in the liveliness of the cultural and sailing year-round events throughout the islands.

Useful Information on The Bahamas


GMT: -4 Hours

Capital: Nassau

Currency: Bahamas dollars (on par with US$)

Getting to The Bahamas

Getting there: Weekly from London Gatwick on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic